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Tourist Attractions:


7 Stairs Canyon

Seven Stairs Canyon is a canyon carved in Jurassic limestones in the northwestern part of Piatra Mare mountains , in Brasov , Romania .

Canionul 7 scari

Canionul 7 scari

Their length is 160 meters with a difference of 58 meters at an altitude of 948 meters. Gorge consists of ten steps with heights between 2.5 and 15 meters , waterfalls transformed by volume of water of the river Seven Stairs , left tributary of Şipoaiei . The route can be covered by means of stairs (nine in number ) and some metal walkways. No need for specialized equipment , but with the mountain equipment ( boots, at least ). It’s name ,, Sapte Scari “comes from the years 1920 to 1930 when water access trough the seven stairs .

Seven Stairs are eroded ( recessed ) in Jurassic limestone , retains traces of recent morphological evolution of the whole massif .

Location: 45°34’00.1″N 25°38’38.8″E


The Ice Cave

Pestera de gheata

Ice Cave lies in Piatra Mare Mountains at an altitude of about 1,400 meters , in a large block of limestone and , if not marked surely anyone would pass by. The cave has a vertical look in the mountain, a narrow stream coming through the ice massif.

The cave is not so easy to visit because you must get in through the narrow crack , ranging from half a meter to a maximum of five feet . In the cave there are no stairs, so you need to lean on walls to be able to climb the boulders fallen into the opening between the rocks. Greater attention , however , because of the slides . Natural light makes the first part of the cave easier to visit, but for the second part of the cave, you have to be passionate about caving to take this difficult road because of the tight space . Inside begin ice formations to take shape. There is no need for professional equipment , but boots, a thick sweater and a strong flashlight are recommended.


parapanta-bunlocBunloc is a hill in the Sacele city,  ECAA 5 km southeast of the city of Brasov.
The maximum altitude is 1185 meters. Bunloc slope is situated at the entrance in Brasov on DN1 – E60 . On the right you see the chalet , ski lift Bunloc and installation .
Ski slope Bunloc has a medium difficulty and length of 2900 m . Altitude is 1170 m departure and arrival of 600 m . Recommendation: Advanced – installation of lifts : Chairlift work after season : winter program ( January to March ) and summer program otherwise .
Bunloc is a tourist area since the most ancient times . In recent years the area has become very popular for paragliding and paragliding enthusiasts .

Paradisul acvatic


Paradisul Acvatic

Paradisul Acvatic

Aquatic Paradise opened in July 2007 and meets all conditions to be a real health and leisure complex, spread over an area of 12,000 square meters covered and 12,000 square meters during summer season.

With a capacity of 2,000 people , the complex has 6 interior pools and two outdoor pools , water slides , sauna , jacuzzi, relaxation sauna, gym, indoor soccer field , volleyball on sand, restaurant and terraces,

The complex offers the possibility for its customers to enjoy sunbathing in the designated area for lounge chairs, around the pools, with the capacity of 1500 chairs. .



 Smile Aqua Park – Noua

Smile Waterpark Brasov is the largest water park in Romania with an area of 4 ha and with the largest water slides in the country. 

Smile Aqua Park

Smile Aqua Park

Restaurants’ and bars’ design is unique in Romania. Water is filtered every three hours for adult basins and every hour for children basins.

Within the park there are several pools for all tastes and all ages:
- Leisure pool with a depth of about 1.60 m, which has a large area and you will find a very nice bar arranged
- Children’s pool, where children will find their slides on measure
- River – a relaxation pool and surrounding park where water is driven to run the entire perimeter in about an hour … Here swimming pool is banned, only the hoop being allowed. If you want to swim, during the walk you can stop at one of the pools, the River has access to all.
- Pools from each group of slides

Location:45°37’02.3″N 25°38’15.3″E



Park Aventura

Parc Aventura

Parc Aventura

Adventure Park is a sports and recreational activities outdoors, a very pleasant way to spend time with family and friends .

Adventure Park Brasov has 14 trails progressive difficulty . Each participant receives security equipment with two carabineers, to be used constantly for their safety.


Location:45°36’46.8″N 25°38’09.3″E


The Black Church



The Black Church

Black Church (German Die Schwarze Kirche) is the parish church of the Evangelical Lutheran community in Brasov, located in the old centre of Brasov. The gothic building was partially damaged by fire in 1689, when its walls were slandered and received its current name. Popular name after the fire, “Black Church” was officially accepted in the nineteenth century.

The Black Church is one of the most important monuments of Gothic architecture in Romania, dating from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. With a length of over 89 meters is considered to be the largest church in Romania. Due to its size, when it was completed was named the largest church between Vienna and Constantiopol.


Location:45°38’27.9″N 25°35’16.1″E


The Bran Castle


Castelul Bran

Bran Castle

Bran Castle is situated at less than 30 km from Brasov, on the road from old neighborhood Bartholomew linking Brasov to Campulung. Bran Castle is built on a rock in a key strategic point of view.

It currently hosts Bran museum, museum spanning 4 floors of the castle. The museum exhibits collections of ceramics, furniture, weapons and armor, and in the courtyard of the castle is a museum village with traditional houses in the region Rucar-Bran.

Location:45°30’54.4″N 25°22’01.7″E



Fortified Church

Fortified Evangelical Church Prejmer, Prejmer, Brasov County, was built in the thirteenth century on an ancient Roman basilica dating from the twelfth century.

Biserica Fortificata Prejmer

Prejmer Fortified Church


Lutheran Church fortified ensemble consists of church premises fortified with defense road, two towers, tower bar.

Initially, the building was composed of four equal arms arranged around a square centered octagonal tower. Each arm was composed of two bays, one square and one polygonal choir is flanked on both sides by two pairs of rectangular chapels. The relationship between the spirit and the forms used Carta Cistercian monastery church yard, and on the other hand, those attending the Evangelical Church of Bartholomew-Brasov, both built after the middle of the thirteenth century, allow evangelical church dating from the second third of the thirteen century and his classification in the same style ambiance.

Location:45°43’19.9″N 25°46’25.3″E



Clabucet Slope

Partia Clabucet - Predeal

Clabucet Slope


Located in close proximity to the guesthouse, Predeal is a good choice if you want to have fun and enjoy the snow no matter whether you want to go to the mountain, have fun in the city, on the slopes there are many choices and an impressive landscape.

Clabucet: degree of difficulty: medium, length: 2100m, level difference: 390m, tilt: 20 °, is equipped with transport

Clabucet arrival: degree of difficulty: easy, length: 800m, level difference: 160 m, inclination 20 °, is equipped with cable transport, installation with artificial snow and night lighting.

Clabucet version: Degree of difficulty: easy, length: 790m, level difference: 160 m, inclination 20 °, is equipped with cable transport, installation of artificial snow.

Clabucet School: degree of difficulty: easy, length: 200m, level difference: 30m, inclination 15 °, is equipped with cable transport, installation with artificial snow and night air.


Location:45°29’39.0″N 25°34’48.7″E



Zoo Garden


Zoo Garden Brasov

Located in Noua in the south-east of Brasov – the zoo is in the middle of a forest. The arrangement is one in a high standard, the animals are well cared for and the place is quiet and suitable for walking, reading or meditation.

Animals that can be seen here:

Reptiles: turtle, tortoise, tiger python, boa.

Birds: ostrich, emu, wild duck, purple duck, mandarin duck, domestic goose, black swan, black swan neck white, European stork, common pigeon, turtle dove, guinea fowl, turkeys, quail, chickens, peacocks, golden pheasant, pheasant silver hunting pheasant, pigeon hawk, common buzzard hawk, falcon winter, spotted eagle, canary, parakeet Roselle parrot parakeet, parrot Breakfast Alexander, goat parrot, cockatiel, parrot Agapornis, owl, Australian finch.

Mammals: goat, sheep, llamas, deer, stag, fallow deer, wild boar, pig dwarf, gray wolf, domestic dog, fox, polar fox, tiger, lion, jaguar, European marten, brown bear, rabbit, horse, donkey, baboon, baboon imperial, nutria, guinea pig, hamster golden squirrel

Location: 45°36’49.9″N 25°37’57.8″E



Dino Park – Rasnov



Dino Park Rasnov


Located near Rasnov Fortress, Dino Park covers an area of 2.5 hectares and offers visitors an unforgettable experience, in the lost world of dinosaurs.

In addition to the 56 dinosaurs, Dino Park will include a science park certified by German researchers on dinosaurs, a cinema with 70 seats, a large playground for children, job creation, an artificial lake, two observation points mounted in trees, walkways, souvenir shops.


Location:45°35’27.4″N 25°28’28.1″E